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The Internet Sword Collectors Association (ISCA) is a small group of international sword collectors and
scholars who are actively researching sword related topics.  Our goal is to research and publish new
information on sword collecting that is not available in previously published works, or is out of print. A
second purpose, dear to our hearts, is to correct common misconceptions in the area of sword collecting
that have persisted for years due to lack of correct validated information.

New Columbia Publications is the vehicle by which we publish our research for the public.    
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To support these goals, between our core members we have assembled the largest library of sword and
edged weapon reference books in the world and draw on these in our research. Currently we are working
on books and monographs on several sword related subjects.
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Favorite sword inscriptions:
From Bavarian saber rhymes in German ...
" Fur Ehre und Pflicht bis Herz und Klinge Bricht".
Which translates,
"For Honor and Duty Until Heart and Sword Do Break".
Here is another from a 17. century Polish nobleman's sabre:
"Sam tu starce, sam tu smyki, prosze, prosze, na zraziki"
And translation:
"Come here old ones, come here kids, I invite you to beef-rolades"
And finally the famous old Spanish inscription ...
"Draw me not without reason, sheath me not without honor"
New Book on Masonic Knights Templar Uniforms, Swords,
and Regalia 1800 to 1930! It is extensively illustrated with
many period cabinet photos illustrating the various uniforms,
regalia and activities of the Commandery of the Knights
Templar.  Uniforms & accessories are described with 51
swords illustrated from period regalia catalogs and 19
swords illustrated in detailed pictorials.  Knights Templar
hats, caps, belts, buckles, medals, and insignia are illustrated
and explained.  Collectible souvenirs including glassware,
porcelain, jewelry, watch fobs, and accessories are explained
and illustrated.  The book describes the Masonic Lodge
Structure as well as the structure of the York Rite to include
the Order of the Red Cross, the Order of the Knights of
Malta, and the Order of the Knights Templar.  Also addressed
are ritual regalia, KT rank insignia, sashes, daggers, Triennial
conclave activities and medals, Commandery officers jewels,
parade & drill teams, horse mounted Commanderies,
symbology, general souvenirs, Pilgrimages, badges,
collectible ribbons, and KT jewelry. Hardcover, B&W,  230
pages, 500+ photos and illustrations. A price guide is
included. From New Columbia Publications.

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